Cape May that is! My wife and I enjoyed weekend getaway in in there a few weeks back. A lovely little town located in South Jersey, it proved to be both a fantastic cultural and dining experience. With artist district shopping, homemade fudge shops and restaurants that were just divine, of course it would make for a lovely visit. What I enjoyed most though was the environment. With old victorian houses and their restored architecture, it made for amazing day walking. You can walk for hours and not get tired of the interesting visuals that you come across. 

Another thing I enjoyed about Cape May was the Halloween decorations. The towns people painstakingly placed their decorations to not so much create fright or entertainment but mood. It was well done. I took some photos on these images. Played with filters then imported them into my I-Pad. I then used them as a base to create several successful digital illustrations. It made for a nice little series.

It’s a funny thing. How one can draw strong inspiration from something as simple as visiting a town that is a few hours away. So. Moral of this is… Just go on a a weekend getaway. No matter where, just go. You will always be surprised of what you bring back with you. My Anthony Bourdain rant is done!



It's that time of year again. INKTOBER! And this time I will be participating for the whole month. What is Inktober you ask? I shall repeat myself from a last years blog. It's a time when artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day for the entire month of October. For every time a drawing is done, you post it on social media and hash tag. #inktober2018 (or what ever year it is). The concept was created by artist Jake Parker and it is something that has taken off over the years. What I do love most? How top professionals in the industry part take in this event and interact with other professionals or just hobbyists. It is really neat. 

Though themes are assigned each day, most do what ever they want. I tried a “horror” theme a few years ago but with very little success in finishing. This time I am all in. It will be done digitally but who cares! I will be posting on my blog every few days to show my updates. This will be fun. Let it begin!



I recently was selected as one of several winners in a contest held by Aquent and Vitamin T for a Digital Illustration that I did. To be honest, it felt good. Really f%^&*( good. It made me think about winning. Not the “life” wins that we accomplish (love, marriage, children etc). I am talking about winning straight up competitions. It bought me back to a time in college in where every contest that I entered into, I would almost always be one of the winners or at the very least, placing very high. It came to a point where it was no big deal. I gotten quite use to it. Then suddenly, it stopped. College was over and competitions were no longer a concern. 

After years of working in the creative industry, as much as I enjoy it, it is a ferocious and highly competitive field. At times, it does wear you down in spirit. Right before, I learned that I was selected in the contest, I was having one of those periods. Thinking about my next steps and how to navigate in this ever evolving profession and asking myself if I am still any good at it. After hearing the news, it lit a spark in me that I have not felt in a very long while. I felt young again, confident, and happy. I was 10 ft tall and could not be brought down. Maybe I am being overly dramatic and overly intellectualizing this event. Who cares. I am going to continue chasing that feeling. Winning isn’t everything, but it does feel good. Really f%^&*( good.

This is the piece that was selected. It is a Digital Illustration of a landscape in Sparta, Greece. Hope you like it.

spartan landscape 2.jpg


Someone recently commented about my Digital Illustration work. As much as this person enjoyed what they saw, I was asked "Why heroes?" My answer was simple. They are awesome. They are fun. They are compelling. Most importantly they inspire. Not just in the positive message and morals that they may normally profess but in a a creative way. The costume, dramatic composition and intensity makes for amazing illustration layouts and solutions. 

Years back, I was inspired by the Star wars Galaxy Cards in where the industries top illustrators each participated in creating pieces of their own interpretations of the various characters and scenes from the movies. The same was immediately done for DC and Marvel Comics. This was a big deal at the time. With no internet, seeing the top artists creating elevated work in a manner that was accessible and affordable was a big f#$%^ deal. For me anyway. I always wanted to do a body of work that was similar in nature (For both Star Wars and Superheroes). However, procrastination, other projects and life always seemed to get in the way. Fortunately, after becoming ferociously fast at this style of digital illustration, I decided to dive right in. Am I glad I did. I am really happy with the overall results. Very soon, I will be moving on to different personal projects, but this is a great representation of what I enjoy doing.

Here is a sampling of my favorite pieces.



As I blogged about this before, using the mac pencil with the procreate app on my ipad has been such a thrill for me. I feel like a part of me has been unleashed and does not want to go back. Okay, I am being overly dramatic. But I am having fun. Here are some of the better pieces that I did in the past month. Hope you enjoy it!.



Awesome! That is a given. However, I am not talking about David Bowie, but the David Bowie Art retrospective that was at the Brooklyn Museum. My wife and I were able to catch the the last viewing of the the show and it was quite striking. The show included over 400 artifacts (art, video, outfits, poems etc) from the “David Bowie Archive”. Overall, it was a fantastic visual reminder of the contributions he made not to just the music industry but to the world of art as well. His passion to fuse music, with photography, theatre, fashion and blur the lines of gender transcended in a fluid and natural way. In addition, the curation of the event was well paced and technologically thoughtful. It was very inspiring. I hope another one is done in the near future... FYI... I would so rock the green suit!



Why do I call it a craze? Because I am crazy about my new Pencil by Apple! That being said, I am also crazy about my new IPAD as well! Years back I received an Intuos Pen for Christmas. As excited I was to receive such a wonderful gift, I did not feel that the tool was user friendly and was overall disappointed in how little I was able to utilize it. The Apple Pencil is a far better and different experience. When I draw with this tool, I do not feel as inhibited. There is very little in the way between you and the actual piece of art that you are creating. Attached are some WWI inspired sketches that I did. I am really having so much fun. It's only the beginning!



I am not a photographer. I have dabbled in it over the years, I have taken classes but I have never labeled myself as one. Recently, I went on vacation to Santorini, Greece. Besides it being an amazing trip, it was also amazing for photo ops. Let us be serious, the island is so beautiful, it is hard not to take a good picture. The colors and vibrancy is stunning. As I was going through my files editing to be posted on Social Media, I decided that I would make some of the images B&W just to break the monotony of the series. I was pleasantly surprised on how well they worked out and thrilled in how well they were received. There is just something about B&W photography that make something a little more special, a little more emotional, a little more somber, a little more powerful. That is something I will be exploring as I take pictures from here on end.



In anticipation and excitement for my upcoming trip to Greece, I did a series of Digital Illustrations of the Greek Gods of Olympus. I referenced famous ancient statues because they have the impactful celestial stature which I come to expect of such beings of higher power. I was really excited in how they came out. I hope to continue this when I come back.



Chad Knight, a 3D Designer I recently discovered is doing things that are absolutely mind blowing. Composing his work with Cinema 4D, he is creating vibrant and gorgeous pieces of Digital Art that moves. This type of work is both elegant and imaginative and feels quite personal.  I am enjoying his journey.



Paul Rigby was and internationally renowned illustrator who focussed on political satire. A talented artist, Rigby made so many laugh during his time. Especially serving as a cartoonist for The New York news papers (NY Post and Daily News). His work had me in tears. To keep up this quality of humor and artistry 5 days a week for that long of a time takes sheer natural ability and passion. He made it even more fun by hiding a little cartoon of himself in every piece of oh his work. After my blog about Jim Carreys political cartoons, I thought Mr. Rigby should be mentioned as well.



Not only actor/comedian Jim Carrey candraw, but he can draw really well. He recently shared to the public some of his political cartoons that he has been working on in recent days. Regardless of ones political views and beliefs, they are bold, thought provoking, capturing the gestures of the characters and most importantly... funny! I like it when artists (regardless of craft) go out of their comfort zones and try something different. It shows growth and creates surprise.



Mitsushige Nishiwaki.. an artist from Tokyo, Japan who is focused mainly on etchings for Print, fashion and textile design. He has had numerous shows in London, Paris and New York City.  I discovered his art on linkedin of all places. It came up on my feed and I was quickly hooked. His work is very spirited and ethereal. It reminds me of Edward Gorey but merged with bold colors with street scenes and landscapes that capture emotion. It is quite infectious. His work can be seen in NYC at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on May 20-23rd. 




One of, if not THE greatest super-hero icon ever Superman is now 80 years old. How they (DC COMICS) have managed to keep this character relevant and popular through out all of the years dealing with harsh changes in our culture is a testament to the creative and marketing force of the company. This character is my all time favs in comic books. The characters message always resonates and generates aspiration for better. That is how I look at it anyway. In addition to becoming 80 years old, Action Comics had published it's 1,000th issue this month. Many of the top industry artists had composed their own version of what the cover should be. I decided to compose my own. Here is to another 80 years!



Years back, my wife purchased the book "The Steampunk Bible: An Illustrated Guide to the World of Imaginary Airships, Corsets and Goggles, Mad Scientists, and Strange Literature" by Jeff VanderMeer. I always thought it to be a cool looking book but sadly, never came upon it again until recently while reorganizing our bookshelves. I am so happy to have found it. This is a really gorgeous guide which serves as a solid introduction to the world of Steampunk in regards to writings, art and culture. Now, I don't think this book should be calling itself a bible. I think their is a lot more content that needed to be added. That being said, it is bold, it is impressive, it is a deliberate piece which inspires creativity and elegance.