So. I had some time to think about my favorite Album covers of all time. I must say that this list is a fluid one. It changes every day or even every hour. But for now, this moment, these are my picks. I judged them by illustration, typography, photography, tone and over design. I am not adding any Iron Maiden albums to this list. As said before, it deserved it’s own category. So here it is..

10: DIO: HOLY DIVER: Sinister, gorgeous, matches over message of the album. 

9. BOSTON: BOSTON: The whole series of albums tell a story. Plus it’s spaceships. Who does not like spaceships?

8. KISS: DESTROYER: Well marketed, fun, selling characters in a fun way.

7. CULTURE CLUB: COLOUR BY NUMBERS: Verys 80’s Strong photography, fantastic colors. Makes me smile every time.

6. PRINCE: PURPLE RAIN: Very razor like, exciting and sexy.

5. GREASE SOUNDTRACK: Good tone and photography but the interior album art was fantastic. Great graphics. In a pre VCR/internet world, this was the only way to relive the movie experience.

4. FLEETWOOD MAC: RUMORS: Elegant. Mysterious, Exquisite typography. 

3. BEATLES” SGT. PEPPERS: Wonderfully fun and kitch! Sells the over all rebrand of the band.

2: LED ZEPPELIN : Great graphic. Strong and bold. Just like the band.

1. ELTON JOHN: CAPTAIN FANTASTIC: Absolutely gorgeous! Very engaging. You just interacted with the piece.

Ok.. Lets hear your!


Recently Rock Metal legends Iron Maiden reunited and did a concert in NYC. Many of my childhood friends attended the show. It bought back memories for me. Not so much of their music but of the amazing artwork by the great Derek Riggs. A contemporary British artist best known for creating the Iron Maiden's mascot, "Eddie the Head". Very edgy, very creepy imagery that worked in conjunction with the brand that was Iron Maiden. It also made me think of how much I miss the full scale album art. It really is a lost craft. I was going to do a top 10 album cover art posting, but for this, I feel that Iron Maiden album art deserves it's own posting. Check out the work! 


This looks like an amazing project. 

"A hundred years ago a sixteen year old boy secretly enlisted in World War 1 to find his war-serving father. Using a unique blend of CG and hand drawn animation, a team of feature film artists will bring his story to life as an animated short film called “The Sketchbook”. The team promises to transport the audience into the pages of a sketchbook, and tell this story of hope and sacrifice in the trenches of the Great War."

I can not wait to see this.


Simon Bisely, Painter and illustrator best known for his comic book work on Lobo and ABC Warriors in the 90s and various album covers (Danzig). However, I was taken back by his range in other mediums. His work and renderings in regards to bible interpretations are both bold and gorgeous. I also love that he has maintained his "metal" influence sensibilities. In my opinion, he is the modern day Frank Frazetta.


I was recently asked to describe my work. (via Digital Illustrations). Who would be the biggest influence to me in that medium..  I told that someone of the numerous artists of which I enjoy (Alex Ross, George Pratt. Rallp Mcquarrie etc)  I seemingly feel like I am influenced most by Dave Dorman. If he was a politician, he would be the ultimate centrist. His work is vibrant but not overwhelming. Tight, but just enough lucidness.Hs compositions are on mark. I feel like as I am putting the finishing touches on my work, I am regularly remembering techniques from this book. (Link is above). Though it came out in the late 90s, it still stands the test of time and remains relevant. 

The Doré Illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy

I was a charity book fair a few months back and came across "The Doré Illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy". It is filled with gorgeous plate illustrations by, you guessed it, Gustave Doré. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is unrivaled and superbly gorgeous. Best 50 cents I ever spent.

CHIP KIDD - BATMANGA!!:_The_Secret_History_of_Batman_in_Japan

In 1966, during the height of the Adam West Batman and Robin television craze, a weekly Japanese manga anthology for boys, Shonen King, licensed the rights to commission its own Batman and Robin stories. A year later, the stories stopped running. They were never collected in Japan, and never translated into English. Now, in this gorgeously designed book by Chipp Kidd, hundreds of pages of Batman-manga comics more than four decades old are translated for the first time, appearing alongside amazing photographs of the world’s most comprehensive collection of vintage Japanese Batman toys. 

This is the Batman and Robin 66 as you’ve never seen them. It was written and drawn my the Manga style artist Jiro Kuwata. The edginess and style was very ahead of it's time. This was a thrilling thing to see his work republished and enjoyed 50 plus years later.

After Adam Wests passing, this reminds me of the imapct that the television show had all around the world. This was a labor of love for Chipp Kidd and I am thankful that he tackled this project.


The Dark Crystal, a 1972 movie directed by Frank Oz and Jim Henson is about another planet in the distant past, with the hero embarking on a quest to find the missing shard of a magical crystal, and so restore order to his world.  This was an Art Directors dream. All the exquisite hand made effects, costumes and drawings was very ahead of it;s time. Any way, it is returning to Netlix and am super excited to see how they honor it;s creators.


One of the great comic book painters of our time, Alex Ross will be launching a youtube channel very soon. I have seen videos of his process and how he goes about his illustrations. It's definitely a disciplined process that he does not sway from. It's both inspiring and enjoyable. Above is his website in where you can get some info about the page that will be launched.    


Art of Atari is a retrospective of the company's illustrative accomplishments, spanning over forty years It ranges from illustrations, to packaging designs and classic production techniques. This is a trip down memory lane which leaves you feeling how influential this genre was and how magical it felt at the time. Great addition for your library or even just as a coffee table book.


My wife and I were watching "Fantastic Beasts" the other night and I was enjoying the art direction of the film. Especially how they nailed the feeling of the New York City tenement buildings of the early 1900's. It really made me think of the photography work of Jacob Riis. With textbook Black and White photography, his portrayal of how the poor of New York City lived was both ethereal and heartbreaking. It helped expose the life in NYC during a time that no one was comfortable talking about. Give it a visit.


Not only is Steven Hall an amazingly talented illustrator and artist, but also a resilient one. Through tough times and the best of times, he adapted his style when needed to produce amazing work. His clients such as The Guardian, Harper Collins, The Daily Telegraph etc will attest to that.  I get so excited every time I see his work and remain in awe of his range and ability.


An amazing typographic designer and instructor, this section of her fantastic portfolio site describes one of her obscure passions and hobbies. Collecting bottle caps. Old new, it does not matter. You can see where her love and passion for her art lies. It's quite awesome and fun.


George Pratt is an award-winning artist who is holding online sessions for illustration at His accomplishments rages from Eisner awards for work on "Enemy Ace: War Idyll" to Gold Medal Spectrum Award for his independent movie "See You In Hell, Blind Boy". He was one of the finest instructors I have ever had and if you have the want and desire, his master class will be totally worth it. Check it out!