So. I had some time to think about my favorite Album covers of all time. I must say that this list is a fluid one. It changes every day or even every hour. But for now, this moment, these are my picks. I judged them by illustration, typography, photography, tone and over design. I am not adding any Iron Maiden albums to this list. As said before, it deserved it’s own category. So here it is..

10: DIO: HOLY DIVER: Sinister, gorgeous, matches over message of the album. 

9. BOSTON: BOSTON: The whole series of albums tell a story. Plus it’s spaceships. Who does not like spaceships?

8. KISS: DESTROYER: Well marketed, fun, selling characters in a fun way.

7. CULTURE CLUB: COLOUR BY NUMBERS: Verys 80’s Strong photography, fantastic colors. Makes me smile every time.

6. PRINCE: PURPLE RAIN: Very razor like, exciting and sexy.

5. GREASE SOUNDTRACK: Good tone and photography but the interior album art was fantastic. Great graphics. In a pre VCR/internet world, this was the only way to relive the movie experience.

4. FLEETWOOD MAC: RUMORS: Elegant. Mysterious, Exquisite typography. 

3. BEATLES” SGT. PEPPERS: Wonderfully fun and kitch! Sells the over all rebrand of the band.

2: LED ZEPPELIN : Great graphic. Strong and bold. Just like the band.

1. ELTON JOHN: CAPTAIN FANTASTIC: Absolutely gorgeous! Very engaging. You just interacted with the piece.

Ok.. Lets hear your!