Cape May that is! My wife and I enjoyed weekend getaway in in there a few weeks back. A lovely little town located in South Jersey, it proved to be both a fantastic cultural and dining experience. With artist district shopping, homemade fudge shops and restaurants that were just divine, of course it would make for a lovely visit. What I enjoyed most though was the environment. With old victorian houses and their restored architecture, it made for amazing day walking. You can walk for hours and not get tired of the interesting visuals that you come across. 

Another thing I enjoyed about Cape May was the Halloween decorations. The towns people painstakingly placed their decorations to not so much create fright or entertainment but mood. It was well done. I took some photos on these images. Played with filters then imported them into my I-Pad. I then used them as a base to create several successful digital illustrations. It made for a nice little series.

It’s a funny thing. How one can draw strong inspiration from something as simple as visiting a town that is a few hours away. So. Moral of this is… Just go on a a weekend getaway. No matter where, just go. You will always be surprised of what you bring back with you. My Anthony Bourdain rant is done!