I recently was selected as one of several winners in a contest held by Aquent and Vitamin T for a Digital Illustration that I did. To be honest, it felt good. Really f%^&*( good. It made me think about winning. Not the “life” wins that we accomplish (love, marriage, children etc). I am talking about winning straight up competitions. It bought me back to a time in college in where every contest that I entered into, I would almost always be one of the winners or at the very least, placing very high. It came to a point where it was no big deal. I gotten quite use to it. Then suddenly, it stopped. College was over and competitions were no longer a concern. 

After years of working in the creative industry, as much as I enjoy it, it is a ferocious and highly competitive field. At times, it does wear you down in spirit. Right before, I learned that I was selected in the contest, I was having one of those periods. Thinking about my next steps and how to navigate in this ever evolving profession and asking myself if I am still any good at it. After hearing the news, it lit a spark in me that I have not felt in a very long while. I felt young again, confident, and happy. I was 10 ft tall and could not be brought down. Maybe I am being overly dramatic and overly intellectualizing this event. Who cares. I am going to continue chasing that feeling. Winning isn’t everything, but it does feel good. Really f%^&*( good.

This is the piece that was selected. It is a Digital Illustration of a landscape in Sparta, Greece. Hope you like it.

spartan landscape 2.jpg