Someone recently commented about my Digital Illustration work. As much as this person enjoyed what they saw, I was asked "Why heroes?" My answer was simple. They are awesome. They are fun. They are compelling. Most importantly they inspire. Not just in the positive message and morals that they may normally profess but in a a creative way. The costume, dramatic composition and intensity makes for amazing illustration layouts and solutions. 

Years back, I was inspired by the Star wars Galaxy Cards in where the industries top illustrators each participated in creating pieces of their own interpretations of the various characters and scenes from the movies. The same was immediately done for DC and Marvel Comics. This was a big deal at the time. With no internet, seeing the top artists creating elevated work in a manner that was accessible and affordable was a big f#$%^ deal. For me anyway. I always wanted to do a body of work that was similar in nature (For both Star Wars and Superheroes). However, procrastination, other projects and life always seemed to get in the way. Fortunately, after becoming ferociously fast at this style of digital illustration, I decided to dive right in. Am I glad I did. I am really happy with the overall results. Very soon, I will be moving on to different personal projects, but this is a great representation of what I enjoy doing.

Here is a sampling of my favorite pieces.